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Our new OpAir LED high bay combines high-end components for efficiency with superior build quality for reliability. Our unique dust cover design provides extra protection from dust, moister and environmental contaminants. High output Philips Lumileds LED Chips and MeanWell control gear ensures you will save on both energy and maintenance costs while meeting the highest performance standards.

Precision Optics
Conventional gas discharge high bays are bulky to allow for a large reflector to direct light to the work surface. By contrast,OpAir uses special purpose-built optics to achieve greater performance at a fraction of the size.

Personalized color

Multiple colour is optional for OpAir housing. The top layer of OpAir consists of high-performance powder coating that is resistant to most chemicals and other abrasives.

IP67 weatherproof & anti-corrosion
OpAir is designed to be IP67 waterproof,which was tested and verified at harshest enviroment. The surface treatment is outdoor usage power coating, to make the lamp be good looking and protection against dust&moisture and anti-corrosion.

Monting Options
The OpAir LED high bay is significantly lighter than other luminaires in its category and offers traditional mounting options. Suspended via eye bolt or fixed with the tilt-able mounting bracket. Multiple installation are avaliable to apply to different lighting situations. It can be matched with various drivers like MW( HLG/HBG/ELG ), Philips( XITANIUM ).