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Color rendering and color appearance are the most crucial aspects of lighting quality for LED luminaires. Below is more information about each of them.

Color appearance

This is communicated by use of correlated color temperature commonly shortened as CCT on the Kelvin scale. For the interior lighting applications, the warm white should range 2700 to 3000 kelvins and in some cases the neutral white is about 3500 to 4000 kelvins. The cool white LEDs have high CCT and thus tend to give higher efficacy at a lower cost. It is bluish in color. However, expectations of the user may not be met. Of late the number of the high efficacy LED luminaires has been increasing and thus they are available in both neutral white and warm white colors. Two light sources having identical CCTs may render the object colors differently due to differences in spectra. CCT provides a good indication of whether the light source will appear yellowish or bluish. Duv is an additional metric which can assist in identifying sources with pinkish or greenish hues.

Color rendering

It is also referred to as color rendering index or CRI. It is used to measure the ability of light source to render colors compared to other incandescent reference sources. The manufacturers of the LEDs claim a CRO of 75 of higher for the phosphor converted and warm white devices in the LED industrial lighting market. Generally, a minimum CRI of 75 is needed for interior lighting.

CRI of 85 or higher shows excellent color rendering. CRI has been found not to be accurate for the RGB (red, green and blue) LED system due to the poor prediction of appearance quality of the saturated color objects. This may as well fail to correspond well to the human perception of color quality. Both CCT and CRI can only get you in the ballpark for matching and selecting lamp colors. There are several color rendering metrics which have been proposed over the last few years. For now, the color rendering of the LED luminaires are being evaluated for more information.

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Most people are not aware of the difference between efficacy and efficiency. The truth is that this two are not similar and here is the difference between the two.

Efficacy is usually expressed in lumens per watt while efficiency is expressed in terms of percentage of the LED efficiency. The efficiency of the light fixture is the ratio of the total lumens exiting to the total number of lumens that were initially produced by the light source. An example is that if a bare 100 watts incandescent bulb produced 1,000 lumens. If it is put into a fixture that gives 700 lumens, then its efficiency would be 70 percent.

Another difference is that efficacy is a term that is used where the input and output units differ. When it comes to lighting, one is interested with the amount of light in lumens produced by a particular amount of electricity in watts. Thus, efficacy is equal to the lumens per watt. Therefore, efficacy and efficiency are not similar.


GWC CORPORATION is Partnered with one of the largest manufacturing companies in LED lighting . By partnering with one of the largest LED companies in the world,  allows us to produce up to 16000 pcs per month, allowing us to take on any size project in Australia. On the same token this does not mean the standard drops. It allows as to create more revenue to put back into innovation and thousands of hours for testing, providing one of the highest standards in LED lighting.  We are not front runners  in the LED Lighting   YET , although the produces we sell are. We stand by the produces we sell 100%.We only want to create revenue if our quality is of the highest standard – reputation is our number one  Business goal. Partnering with  20 years experience will help uphold our number one goal.


GWC CORPORATION team including:

Electronic engineer

Structural engineer

Sample testing engineer

Heat management design engineer

GWC CORPORATION company gathered a group of managers and technical personnel who have been working in the LED industry for many years. Involving majors: physical, thermal, optical, mechanical and electronic. Multi-disciplinary talents lay a solid foundation for the development of our company.

Project Solution:

GWC CORPORATION provide project solutions for customers. If you do not know how many lights and which watt should be used when you get projects. In this situation, GWC CORPORATION will help to provide solution reference for your project. Just offer us the dimension(area and height) of application,  and illumination requirements, GWC CORPORATION will help you assess and provide solution. GWC CORPORATION’s professional technology team accumulated rich experience in this field. Will provide you a satisfy solution.

Step 1: GWC CORPORATION receive the information of application and requirements.

Step 2: GWC CORPORATION technology team assess according to the information details and develop solution.

Step 3: Solution will be sent by GWC CORPORATION sales for customer reference.

Step 4: Customer assess the feasibility or the solution, and submit questions.

Step 5: GWC CORPORATION and customer consult modification plans.

Step 6: Solution closed Successfully.

After-sales Service and Warranty

GWC CORPORATION uphold the highest service standards, customer satisfaction as the goal, to the public commitment. GWC guarantees that all the products made and sold by GWC CORPORATION have strict quality-controls for a strong 5 years warranty.

  • Warranty: 5 years
  • GWC CORPORATION warranty covers whole luminaire, includes light source, reflector, heat sink, power supply and other electrical components, optics and any other components of the luminaire.
  • User quality problems arise in the normal use condition, all about product quality complaints,  in the warranty period please contact  GWC CORPORATION as soon as possible, in order to facilitate the users receive timely maintenance and replacement, GWC CORPORATION will response within 12hours, and provide solutions as soon as possible.
  • Products will be replaced  within warranty period  after GWC CORPORATION verify it is because of quality issue,  GWC CORPORATION will provide free replacement or repair.
  • Within warranty period any special circumstances both sides should negotiate the solution.
  • GWC CORPORATION is not responsible for any removal or re-installation costs.
  • The product must be returned to GWC CORPORATIONGWC CORPORATION reserves the right to determine the cause of failure and to decide if the product is covered under this warranty.

This warranty specifically excludes the following:

  • Expiration of the warranty period.
  • Damages caused by installation or operation not in accordance with seller’s instruction.
  • Damage caused by disassemble services or refit without seller’s authorization.
  • Facility damages caused by force majeure such as flood, lightening, storm, hailstone, etc.
  • The breakdown, row harm or damaged because of the move or drop.
  • Corrosion caused by heavy fallout or exposure to corrosive chemicals or deterioration caused by corrosive fumes or condensations or harmful substances.
  • Abnormal conditions, wet storage; unauthorized repair, misuse, abuse and change.

The service commitment to the final interpretation of GWC CORPORATION.

GWC CORPORATION all led highbay light had passed CE-LVD, CE-EMC, FCC, RoHS certificates and 100w-250w also had passed UL, DLC SAA SASO certificates.

GWC CORPORATION led highbay light series were designed by GWC CORPORATION senior R&D team, all GWC CORPORATION R&D engineers with more than 10years R&D experience in LED industry. During research and develop, engineers not only focus on overall performance, the ornamental value of appearance is also one of the most important focal point.

What is GWC CORPORATION led highbay light technology include?

● LED light source: CREE chip

● Driver: Meanwell driver specialize designed only for LED highbay light. While drivers that almost companies use can be applied in floodlight, streetlight, etc., and the driver we employ is only made for led high bay light with more outstanding performance.

● The appearance treatment in black demonstrates elegance, fashion and distinction; more importantly, led lamp of black facilitates heat dissipation.

● The structure of lamp adopts round layered design, manifesting the uniform beauty of lamps.

Most manufactures on the market adopt rectangular or elliptic boxes to place the driver, which affects the overall beauty. Our driver, radiator and reflector are all round-shaped with overall uniformity and beautiful.

● Outstanding manufacturing technique processing guarantees the quality of lamp.

A. The light-emitting area is larger than that of the other led high bay lights, which is beneficial for grading and heat dissipation of LED sources.

B. The input line is non-manual welded, but adopts the reflow soldering paster technique.

C. Under the design of ring array circuit, one unlighted LED source does not deactivate the other LEDs from working.

D. The heat-conducting silica gel is coated not by manual operation but by printing technique.

Quality Control:



GWC CORPORATION cooperate with Meanwell and Cree, who are the top Bands in the world of LED industry.

Why GWC CORPORATION cooperate with Meanwell and Cree?

Who is Meanwell?

Established in 1982, MeanWell is a leading standard switching manufacturers in the world, origin in TaiWan, China. Meanwell have a highly efficient computerized management system. This system allows improved administration of sales, manufacturing, purchasing, fabrication management, shipping, customer service, and quality analysis, allowing Meanwell ensure the best QCDS(Quality, Cost, Delivery Time, Service) for our customers.

Meanwell have earned a good reputation bases on the quality, competitive prices and punctual delivery of our products. Currently, Meanwell have around 200 distributors and thousands of customers throughout the world. Meanwell have formed long-term associations with most of our cunstomers, working together for many years, developing many treasured relationships.


Meanwell anticipate not only being a quality manufacturer but also becoming an outstanding distribution center. Based on this belief, Meanwell established USA sales office at Fremont, California in August 1999, and Europe sales office at Amstelveen, NL in 2006, for providing prompt local services to worldwide customers. These two MEANWELL members offer technical support, project evaluation, prompt delivery and RMA service, positioning ourselves to save both time and costs for our U.S., Canadian and European customers.

For more information about MEANWELL, please click Meanwell official website: www.meanwell.com

Who is Cree?

Cree’s leadership begins with innovative materials, primarily silicon carbide (SiC), that provide high-efficiency performance for numerous semiconductor applications. Using SiC as a platform material, Cree has spent over 20 years developing an array of new technologies that far surpass traditional ones.

Cree’s advantage is in the materials we use. Cree LEDs combine highly efficient InGaN materials with proprietary G•SIC® substrates to deliver superior price/performance for high-intensity LEDs.

Cree LED chips products include: DA LEDs, EZ Gen 3 LEDs, MB LEDs, TR LEDs, XT LEDs, EZ Gen 2 LEDs, GaN LEDs, RT LEDs, UT LEDs etc.